Books by Tom Kranz



Bullets flying. Choking teargas. Angry crowds chanting for justice.


Eleven dead people, five of them children. This is the epic true story of the intrepid journalists of a Philadelphia television news department whose creativity and dedication brought the 1985 MOVE disaster to a live television audience despite daunting logistics. 


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He Killed His Heinous Boss


Jail didn't sound so bad to Bud Remmick, a small price to pay for erasing an abusive, blackmailing sociopath from the face of the earth. But the plan to ride out a lenient sentence starts to fall apart when prison life turns on him. Then his lawyer turns on him. Then, his wife. With nothing left but his own anger, Bud Remmick faces a reckoning with a lifelong dysfunction that plays out behind bars with a couple of unlikely co-dependents.


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